Assess current status of healthcare entities vis-à-vis established national and international quality standards
Support healthcare entities by advising corrective actions and implementing practical solutions for improving and maintaining quality and patient safety
Conduct training courses, workshops and on-site coaching sessions for creating champions of healthcare quality
Develop policies using process improvement tools this ensuring sustainability of quality improvement achievements
Utilize evidence based practices and accredited standards of healthcare commissions
Perform clinical governance audits.
Collaborate with other healthcare quality improvement entities on an assignment basis, such as staff training, audits and interventions.
Conduct open enrollment training programs leading to certification in a variety of QI Specialties.
Organize conferences, seminars and workshops employing local and international resources.
Forge international collaboration, with Joint Commission International (USA), Skills for Health (UK) and National Health Services Improvement (UK) to conduct educational activities.
Explore and develop partnership with the Healthcare Commissions with a view to securing international donor funding for joint projects.
Conduct patient satisfaction surveys and public education programs.
Create awareness and educate patients/public on healthcare processes and quality expectations.