Leadership & Management for Medical Professionals

Course Description

Perhaps the greatest impact on human lives in the area of leadership is in two areas.  Military Conflict and Health Care.  Both impact lives in the most fundamental and dramatic way with huge consequences for individuals, families and society. The decisions that Health care leaders and managers take on a daily basis in managing, engaging, collaborating, influencing, impacting, supervising, people, teams, departments, divisions, facilities, clinics, hospitals have a direct impact on the policies, processes, systems adopted and ultimately the quality of health care delivered to their patients.

In this 3 day highly interactive, experiential and engaging workshop delegates will gain deep insights and understanding about leadership and management. How health care leadership differs from conventional models in non-health care organizations.  How to effectively lead and support their teams under very stressful circumstances.  How to embed a positive and motivating culture? How to deal with toxic situations and people? This is a must attend course for anyone in health care leading a team of people.

The course is of great value for senior and upper-middle executive department heads/supervisors, healthcare workers managing small teams in public and private healthcare facilities/medical/paramedical educational institutes and other relevant professionals from department of health.