Infection Prevention & Control

Course Description

Microorganisms, including microbes, bacteria and viruses surround us all the time and because of this we remain exposed to contract multiple diseases. A firewall against this can be created by following proper hygiene and care protocols. Infection prevention and control is a discipline, which helps in preventing and controlling spread of infections in healthcare facilities and the community at large. The knowledge of infection prevention and control are important for maintaining a safe environment for all by mitigating the risk of potential transmission of disease.

The course focuses on enhancing the knowledge and techniques of preventing the spread of infection and will be of great value for healthcare workers including Nurses, Doctors, Pharmacists, paramedics and administrators/managers. The delegates of the course will develop an understanding of how infections occur, what are the sources of infection, how different micro-organisms spread, and their role in preventing the transmission of pathogenic microorganisms. The course will also enable the delegates to be aware of the national regulatory or statutory requirements in order to meet the expected standards.