Clean Hands Save Lives (Hand Hygiene & Use of PPE)

Course Description

Nosocomial infections are acquired during treatment in hospitals or other healthcare establishments. According to WHO statistics every day, at least 500,000 people worldwide contract a nosocomial infection and 20,000 to 50,000 die. In comparison with AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis combined, nosocomial infections kill more people then these diseases. Disinfecting hands with a hydroalcoholic solution halves the number of infections. Many diseases and other ailments are spread by not washing hands properly.

This training focuses to enhance the knowledge and skills of delegates on proper hand washing techniques with the aim to achieve safe environment for the patients, health workers, patient families and community in general. The delegates will learn the importance of hand washing, standard techniques of hand-washing, comparison of use of soap & water Vs hand sanitizers. Health workers, managers, patients and all care giver at home or clinical settings will get equal benefit from this training.