Professionalism as a subject and new feedback system for doctors – a healthcare innovation

Professionalism: Doctors training in medical schools needs to incorporate a subject which can be called ‘Professionalism’ that shall comprise of making them learn how to conduct and deal with the patients by stressing on Ethics, manners, morals, integrity, respect , humanity and communication. It will help decrease cases of medical negligence and malpractice As a Continue Reading

Health Awareness Session on Simple Steps Towards Quality Healthcare

ہاتھوں کی صفائی اور  صحت مند غذا  : صحت کی دیکھ بھال کی طرف آسان اقدام Global Institute of Healthcare Quality recently joined hands with Fauji Fertilizer Co. Ltd (FFC) for redefining and creating awareness about “Simple Steps towards Quality of Healthcare” for Employees and their families. In this regard two sessions were held with the employees Continue Reading

Infection Prevention: Safe Healthcare is the Right for Everyone

Second Round of Training Course on Infection Prevention and Control The Global Institute of Healthcare Quality conducted a highly effective training program on “Infection Prevention and Control” on 16th July  in Lahore. Healthcare workers with diverse backgrounds such as hospital administrators, clinicians, nursing supervisors, quality managers, lab and OT technicians, etc. from different hospitals across the Continue Reading

Healthcare Quality a Growing Concern for the Society: 2019

Global Institute of Healthcare Quality (GIHQ), the brain child of a Pakistani-American doctor has been established to induce a quantum change in the health sector of Pakistan.  GIHQ aims to bring this change by uplifting patient safety and healthcare quality across the country. The team comprises of health experts from US,UK and Pakistan. The institute is Continue Reading