In the last three decades, healthcare industry in high income countries has developed advanced healthcare quality improvement systems with rewarding results. More recently, the developing world has begun to pay attention to the same concepts. In Pakistan, provincial governments in Punjab, Sindh and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) have established Healthcare Commissions, aimed at regulating healthcare establishments (HCE) for quality enhancement and ensuring patient safety.

Global Institute of Healthcare Quality (GIHQ) has thus been established to support and enhance healthcare quality initiatives in Pakistan and subsequently in the region. GIHQ is teaming up with healthcare quality professionals from Pakistan, USA, UK and the Middle East and rapidly building capacity to be able to deliver all quality related contracts. We have experienced staff from diverse backgrounds and can mobilize appropriate services in a timely manner. Our customers are healthcare entities interested in delivering high quality and safe healthcare. We support in devising short, medium and long-term service strategies to achieving excellence in healthcare delivery. We ensure that our customers receive high quality, timely and cost-effective service.

GIHQ is registered under section 58(1) of the Partnership Act 1932 in Pakistan, and internationally registered with State of Massachusetts, Boston, USA.


GIHQ exists to facilitate the healthcare delivery system (regulators, healthcare entities in public and private sector) in developing and implementing quality standards.


To be the premier educational, capacity building and research organization in healthcare quality improvement in South East Asia and the Middle East in improving patient safety and satisfaction.


Create awareness among Healthcare Providers, Medics, Paramedics, Patients and their families regarding health care quality standards.

Conduct training courses and workshops leading to creditable questioning for establishing a pool of experts to improve healthcare quality in Pakistan.

Provide consultation for quality improvement initiatives at healthcare facilities by performing clinical audits and coaching for corrective interventions.

Develop policies, processes and improvement tools to ensure sustainability of quality improvement achievements.


Our team is our most precious asset.

Create and work in an environment of respect, transparency, fairness and merit.

Innovate and adopt patient-centered practices.

Anticipate customer’s need and endeavor to exceed expectations.

Enjoy challenges and see opportunities in every customer encounter.

Deliver projects on time and within budget.


We aim to create a structure of quality improvement (QI) implementation and maintenance for an organization by:

  1. Securing total commitment from institutional leadership.
  2. Creating a QI reporting structure that leads directly to the head of the organization.
  3. Identifying ‘champions’ at every level of the organization.
  4. Assigning and developing internal quality auditors.
  5. Developing, delivering and maintaining procedural manual and toolkits for each activity.
  6. Adopting possible information technology (IT) solution for all QI activities.
  7. Maintaining, monitoring and evaluating quality data.
  8. Creating a non-punitive environment to encourage open discussion of errors leading to opportunities for improvement.
  9. Providing support for sustaining quality goals over the long term.
  10. Developing reward and recognition systems for achievers.
  11. Remaining accessible to answer quality related questions.
  12. Preparing quality budget.