Professionalism as a subject and new feedback system for doctors – a healthcare innovation


Doctors training in medical schools needs to incorporate a subject which can be called ‘Professionalism’ that shall comprise of making them learn how to conduct and deal with the patients by stressing on Ethics, manners, morals, integrity, respect , humanity and communication. It will help decrease cases of medical negligence and malpractice
As a person everyone has different personalities and backgrounds so when young people are taking medicine as a profession in which there is public dealing on daily basis its necessary that the student is trained in this aspect just like he is educated about the medical aspects of human body.
The syllabus can include case studies and scenarios presented to the students in which they have to make communication and decisions based on what situation they are presented with it and they should pass this subject in similar way as they pass other subject exams.

Feedback system among medical fellows:

There is also need of a new type of feedback system to be introduced in medical institutions to create a healthy environment among the doctors i.e colleagues, seniors and juniors , based on the behavior and conduct of the doctor with fellow doctors. It’s a good way to assess the workforce and see if they are working towards the goal of the organization because if the workforce gets stuck in their own professional jealousy and competition then the goals of the organization are hampered. The ultimate goal of any medical organization is to produce doctors that are working towards single goal of quality healthcare provision to patients and producing efficiently trained doctors.
To introduce fair and healthy perspective to the doctors professional performance a feedback system should be introduced which should focus on doctors attitude, conduct and behavior in his working place.
The colleagues should rate each other on the basis of their conduct keeping in view the following points:
• Problem solving
• Respect
• Honesty & Integrity
• Passion
• Responsibility
• Ethics & Morals
• Manners
• Communication skills
• Facilitation
The introduction of this system can be a wave of positive change to make the workplace environment more healthy and productive. It will also affect the healthcare positively.

Guest Writer, Dr Sarah Tanveer, a public health specialist, is interested in innovations in medical education and healthcare. This article has already been published at on Sep. 13, 2019.

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