Infection Prevention: Safe Healthcare is the Right for Everyone

Second Round of Training Course on Infection Prevention and Control

The Global Institute of Healthcare Quality conducted a highly effective training program on “Infection Prevention and Control” on 16th July  in Lahore. Healthcare workers with diverse backgrounds such as hospital administrators, clinicians, nursing supervisors, quality managers, lab and OT technicians, etc. from different hospitals across the city attended the training. The participants received the message well. They remained well engaged in the interactive program that highlighted the need for safety initiative in healthcare. The one day training course illustrated methods and processes for: 1. Hand washing 2. Cleaning, disinfection and sterilization, 3. Sources and transmission of infections, 4. How each link in the chain can be disrupted with suitable control measures, 5. Hygiene techniques and how to use protective equipment. Conducted in a highly engaging, experiential manner comprising hands-on group activities, the program also highlighted the need for self-motivation, self-awareness and a positive attitude to ensure self-driven implementation.

Major Highlights of the Session

The training course was conducted by Dr. Munazza Haris, an outstanding public health expert and co-facilitated by management expert, Mr. Saulat Hussain of Global Institute of Healthcare Quality. These consultants emphasized that infection prevention programs are essential for patients’ and employees’ safety. Infections easily and imperceptibly pass on from one individual to another, yet it is equally easily preventable by following standard precautions. Dr. Munazza familiarized participants with the sources of infection, the ways in which infection can transfer from host to host and how each link in the chain can be disrupted for infection control. They also learned hand hygiene techniques and how to use protective equipment through group activities. The participants felt free to share the best practices at their respective settings though this platform. GIHQ introduced pre-training and post-training assessment questionnaire to measure the impact.

Infection Control for Safe Blood Supply 

Dr Uzma Anjum, CEO GIHQ and former technical adviser of safe blood transfusion, presented many important and sublime details on safe blood donation & transfusion. She explained how to select and screen a safe donor. She also elaborated about key preventive & precautionary measures to ensure blood safety throughout V2V process chain. The participants also learned about use of personal care equipment, proper disposal of the used syringes and positive blood bags.

GIHQ expects that the participants will further spread the knowledge and skills learnt to their fellow colleagues and try to implement in their respective settings. With this hope, GIHQ aims that effective and improved service care will ensure patient safety.

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