Training for the Healthcare Service Providers

Why In-Service Training for the Healthcare Service Provider is so Important

Provision of Life is the power of the Supreme and those who save the Life are sacred ones!  Whether they are the doctors, nurses, paramedics, lab practitioners or others who are simply affiliated with health and healthcare all contribute in making life better and safer. Saving a life demands the highest level of dedication and skills.

Today Pakistan is struggling at multiple ends to meet the its national as well as global challenges. Health has always been a neglected sector and now it has only been able to gain a value of 0.9 percent of the GDP as health expenditure. The noble profession of health needs continued professional development for optimal healthcare service provision. Unfortunately, not many opportunities of in service training are offered at the healthcare facilities that can ensure the knowledge and skill enhancement of health professionals resulting in effective and safer patient care.  Cases like that unfortunate incident of Baby Nishwa and others reflect the need for training and capacity enhancement of healthcare workers & service providers at all levels of health sectors.

Bring CARE back into Healthcare

Here GIHQ steps in, with a mission and vision to improve healthcare quality through a multi-pronged approach including training programs and awareness sessions among other initiatives,to bridge the gap of  skills and quality services within the available resources. GIHQ aims to bring in the positive change in procedures and policies contributing towards healthcare quality and patient safety.


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