Healthcare Quality a Growing Concern for the Society: 2019

Global Institute of Healthcare Quality (GIHQ), the brain child of a Pakistani-American doctor has been established to induce a quantum change in the health sector of Pakistan.  GIHQ aims to bring this change by uplifting patient safety and healthcare quality across the country. The team comprises of health experts from US,UK and Pakistan. The institute is focusing its activities on public and private sector hospitals/educational institutions. Mainly it organizes awareness seminars, quality audits and  conducting training sessions. All these activities will  foster a positive change in the attitude of healthcare workers towards patient safety and healthcare quality.

Healthcare Quality in Pakistan

Healthcare Quality, Pakistan Healthcare

Healthcare quality is a global concern as in developed countries like USA around 99,000 people die in hospital acquired infections alone, every year. On the other hand annual death toll in Pakistan due to medication errors is 500,000. Daily we come across cases where substandard patient care and medical errors lead to fatality or serious consequences.  Such  errors include improper medication, misdiagnosis, surgical mishaps and preventable complications. Moreover poorly managed health facilities, insufficiently trained staff, unhygienic practices and inappropriate waste management contribute to many such cases. Outbreak  of  HIV-AIDS cases in Sindh (Ratodero Taluka) and Punjab (Faisalabad District)  are point of critical concern, therefore should raise a red flag for stakeholders. However  improved practices and strict precautionary measure can forestall recurrence of those instances.

Where we come in?

Given this backdrop, GIHQ works with healthcare workers and the community. Because they both are the main stakeholders, and will work actively to bring about change. Besides them the regulatory authorities of the health sector are also involved for joint cooperation. Through this cooperation we monitor and  implement quality standards effectively. GIHQ conducts training seminars, workshops and carries out research with the aim to blaze the path of awareness amongst healthcare establishment, institution and general public.

Most of the patients are unaware of their rights leading to forced decisions instead of informed ones. Therefore it is vital for the people to understand their rights. Only then can they demand the provision of information about their diagnosis, use of medicine and side effects to ensure their safety. GIHQ is open to join hands with the organization/institutions who are working to improve and uplift the health sector in any arena of their activities, may it be doctor collective research a qualitative/quantitative mapping of communities.

Subsequent blogs will follow recent quality and health issues in the context of patient safety and will also share the key insights on upcoming training sessions and seminars. Our regular blog posts would also encourage you for recommendations and suggestions for areas of future discussions.

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